Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kids Will Be Kids

Think back to when computers were merely used to write papers and the car phone was the newest and best piece of technology created. Think back to when kids could be kids and parents had to drag them inside after playing hide and seek, dodge ball, and hop scotch for hours.

As this new age of technology is advancing, so are the minds of children.  The Internet, smart phones, and social networking sites are now considered “fun” in a child’s mind. Is this increasing amount of technology doing good or bad for the youth of today?

Some may argue that children aren’t spending enough time having “wholesome” fun such as enjoying activities outside. Others may argue that children need to stay on top of this new technology because it’s only going to advance even more as years pass. Children are now learning more advanced material at a younger age, but don’t they need to as society becomes more advanced?

Children are now born in to this new digital age where the Internet isn’t only something to use in one’s free time, but something that is used as a necessity. Brandi Bounds and Sara Reilly, both teachers at Primrose, feel that learning must start at a much earlier age than it used to. They feel that to keep up with this growing amount of technology, children need to start learning it as soon as possible.

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